September 15

Why Are You Focusing Over There? – STT 0026

Ditch Your Limits Podcast


If I suggested that you go look through a seaside telescope but stay focused on the image of the last user, you’d think I was crazy wouldn’t you?

And yet, this is exactly what we do in life.

Someone paints a picture of our lives with their words and we believe what they said, we embody it until we don’t even recognise who we are.

In today’s podcast, I’m giving you the permission to change the channel, the image or even the movie.

Your place of influence is where your strength lies, but if you try to be an influence in a place where you have no strength, you’ll always feel as though you’re the underdog.

People want to hear your voice, they want to feel your heart and they’re waiting for you to show up and show them.

Here’s the video that accompanies today’s podcast …

Until next time,

The Storytelling Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Trish Jones


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