The Story

The Story of The Influential Woman...

The idea for The Influential Woman was conceived over almost two decades ago when I launched my "Women of Influence dot com" website. I've since sold that domain name, but my mission to help entrepreneurial women find their voice and make an impact with their message became stronger.

I wanted women to "know who they BE" and unashamedly make an impact in the marketplace and earn an income sharing their message. 

Later, The Influential Woman became a coaching portal to empower and equip entrepreneurial women to discover and live their purpose, find their voice, unleash their potential and rise up and take their place of influence in life and in business.

The Problem

Whilst trying to position the Women of Influence website, I unintentionally (as recommendation by my mentor at the time) made it a Women's Christian Ministry website. Once the site was established I found it difficult to backtrack. You can read all about my journey by clicking this link.

The Solution

After years of "copycatting" other online marketers, it became clear to me that my mission was to help mission minded entrepreneurial women - Christian or not - rise up and take their place of influence in the marketplace.

And... though I wasn't directing my message toward Christian women specifically, I wanted to focus on spiritual principles that make our lives better. For me that meant I was gonna "be who I be" and take those spiritual principles from the Bible.

Some might call it preaching, but God is the lens through which I see my world and whenever I digress from that view, my perspective becomes blurred.

One of my pastors picked up many years ago how I'm able to relate the Bible to everyday situations. It took me some time to realise this was a gift. I'm not forcing it, I just see the correlation between what the Bible says and how we respond in the world in which we live.

So I let this be a filter for those who do or don't want to work with me. And by offering my 1-1 services, my mentorship program as well as my community membership, I get to work with a wide variety of people - men included - many of whom have worked with me for years.

If you're an entrepreneurial woman and you're struggling to position your business online, let's talk. It will cost you nothing but 30 minutes of your time and it would be my honour to help you get some clarity on your next move. Click here to book a call