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Power Hour Podcast Consultation

  • Benefits of podcasting
    Find out why now is a good time to start podcasting and how to be a thought leader in your industry using your podcast
  • Getting started equipment checklist
    This will help you avoid being stung with the "buy the most expensive equipment" ideology. We explore the best podcasting equipment and software for you
  • Monetisation options
    We will discuss the ways in which you can make money from your podcast, including sponsorships, advertising as well as your own offers

Call Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: $149

'Launch' Podcast Consultation

Podcast Launch Consultation

  • Podcast strategy
    From the basics of your podcast setup to helping you find your voice, we'll work together to validate your show's concept and help you decide on the best format for your show
  • Assisted podcast setup
    Don't want the tech headache of setting up a podcast? We can discuss how much input you want me to have. I'll also help you choose the equipment, editing software and host that's right for you and your audiences needs, taking into account your budget
  • Monetisation setup
    Monetising your podcast isn't limited to sponsorships and advertising and there are some great podcasters out there using a variety doing their thing, making a lot of money without either. I help you set up your monetisation methods including how and where to input your calls to action

Scopedetailed scope is agreed with each client individually
4 to 12 weeks (depending on your scope & requirements)
starting at $1,499

Podcast Website Build

Podcast Website Build

  • Website build preparation
    We'll work together to analyse your podcasting goals and then design a website that aims to meet those goals including maximising the number of new listeners, email list signups, your offers, etc
  • Build your wordpress website
    This includes a premium, SEO optimised, mobile friendly, WordPress theme, delivered to you with all the necessary podcast plugins
  • Email capture integration
    I'll help you capture the information of your podcast listeners so you can build an audience outside of your normal podcast directory subscribers

Scope: detailed scope is agreed with each client individually
3 to 6 weeks (depending on your scope & requirements)
starting at $1,399

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