February 17, 2021

TIW 020: When Past and Purpose Collide – Interview With Elizabeth Simington

February 17, 2021

You're gonna be inspired by this story. 

Elizabeth Simington is a single mom who overcame the odds of losing her mom as a child, growing up in the projects, pregnant and single at a young age and then returning to the same college years later where she was obtaining grade F to becoming a straight A student.

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Today we discuss:
  • overcoming perceptions of being a single mom
  • how to ensure your children get attention they need
  • giving yourself space to grow spiritually even when you don't have it all together
  • seeing yourself into your future and trusting God to transform you
  • overcoming personal doubts and issues regarding your past... let go and let God!
  • how Elizabeth returned to the same college where she was failing to becoming a straight A student

ElizabethSimingtonMinistries.org - Elizabeth Simington Ministries
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