It’s A New Episode With A New Name

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Today I want to talk about how the Speak To Trish has podcast evolved and why it’s the right time for a name change to the Wake Up Potential Podcast.

I also make a confession as to why I haven’t recorded a podcast for almost three years and how you can learn from my mistake of procrastinating. The big benefit of the initial pause was a brand new iMac from Apple, but it still doesn’t excuse the tardiness of not having recorded for three years.

You can maximise your potential with the gifts God has already given you and had my Big Why been in focus, there is no way I could have let three years pass without podcasting.

So my question to you is “if you’ve put something you know you should be doing on pause, how are you going to un-pause?”

And I’m challenging you to take a scripture, meditate on it, rehearse it, visualise it manifesting and only repeat what God has asked you to do, nothing contrary to that.

I make no apology by the way for using the term “visualise.” I know so many people want to say it’s “New Age,” but the New Age people didn’t create visualisation, God did. The Bible is a book of stories and it’s full of imagery.

God has given us a photographic mind and when He speaks to our hearts, we are supposed to SEE what He says.

Thanks for listening. I appreciate you.

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In the meantime, “Keep The Dream Alive!”

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