August 31, 2020

My #1 Motivation Tip – Get Content Done Challenge Day #5

August 31, 2020

This is Day #5 of my video challenge - where I challenged myself to create a video for at least 3 minutes per day for 21 days. 

*NOTE: Skip to 3:27 to skip the intro if you're already familiar with the challenge.

You can go ahead and embark on this challenge for yourself. No signup is necessary, just read, implement and grow. 

So, how do you motivate yourself when you're feeling uninspired and you've lost your passion?

In today's video, I show you what I do, which is perhaps different to the conventional wisdom, but it works for me and I've no doubt it will work for you too.


  • The power and benefit of revisiting content you've already consumed as opposed to searching out new content to binge on.
  • Instead... go watch a video that inspired you to do the thing you're doing right now.
  • I started a membership site some months ago and woke up one day realising that I'd lost my fire. But rather than binge watch a load of TEDx videos, I went back to the source of my inspiration.
  • Going back to the source of my inspiration was a reminder of why I'd chosen this model, which actually went beyond launching a membership, but my desire to make my content easy to consume. 
  • Sometimes what we do not need is more information. Sometimes, what we need is consolidation - to better understand the information we have already consumed.
  • Watch the video to discover how you can reconnect with and get re-inspired revisiting content you've already consumed. 


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Remember to keep the dream alive,

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