July 18, 2023

KS 036: Taking The Kingdom Switch Podcast Back To Basics

July 18, 2023


In this 'reintroductory' episode of the Kingdom Switch podcast, I share my journey of how I rediscovered the purpose of the show after a long break. 

I admit, since February I struggled to find direction for the show but something amazing happened yesterday - and it was totally out of the blue. 

So here I am, talking about:

  • How I happened upon the original idea for Kingdom Switch and finding inspiration in Myles Munroe's book, "Rediscovering the Kingdom."
  • My next move for Kingdom Switch and yes, it does involve Myles Munroe's book - I'll be incorporating elements from the book into the podcast, sharing my own experiences and fresh revelations.
  • Why I emphasise the importance of tapping into the essence of the kingdom of God and recognising His presence in our everyday life.
  • Why I'm returning to shorter podcast episodes with nuggets of inspiration
  • The God moment that motivated me to want to share the benefits of living in the kingdom of God system rather than relying on the broken systems of the world in the first place.

If you've listened to any of my previous episodes - in particular Episode #1, you might have heard me talk about some of these things. But this episode definitely comes with some fresh insight. 😊


It's been months since I recorded an episode of the Kingdom Switch Podcast and I'm being honest, I totally struggled with doing that episode. 

But before I explain why, and talk about the new direction I'm taking Kingdom Switch, I want to give a huge shout out to Susan Fleming Spissman and Francesca McDowall who were regular guests on the podcast with me. Their wisdom and perspective impacted me in ways I could never have anticipated. 

Having their input - especially Susan who recorded weekly with me for a while - certainly forced me stay consistent! I needed that.

Francesca will be joining me once a month on The Influential Woman podcast and you can catch Susan over on her YouTube channel

Now let's get back to what's been happening...

It all began the week of February 21, 2023 when God spoke to me about resurrecting some of the dreams I'd laid aside. And then in the early hours of Sunday 26 February God took me back to a book I'd read in around 2008 by Ed Silvoso called, "Anointed for Business."

As I lay in bed listening to some of Ed Silovso's messages, God was directing me to think bigger in terms of being a minister in the marketplace and to refrain from being micro focused on individual attributes such as identity, anointing, gifting etc. God wasn't saying not to talk about these attributes, just that I had to think beyond them.

And God knows I was getting frustrated with my email inbox and my social media feed being filled with Christians business owners focusing on "make £5k, £10k per month." Straight up, I told God, "this is boring and don't we have anything else to talk about?"

What was so funny was when Ed Silvoso, in one of his videos, said that there have been a flood of Kingdom Businesses over the years but they are useless to transformation in the marketplace. I was like "ouch!"  

Going back to my last podcast episode and how painful it was to record, I remembered what my cousin is always telling me... "Pat, you're a conversationalist."

It's where my strengths lie. I can always tap into what you're talking about. But I was finding that just like writing my dissertation for my MBA, whilst I'm in bed I could rehearse reams of script for the next part of my dissertation. Get me in front of the computer the next day and poof! It's gone. 

But, since around 2013 - shortly after Pat Flynn started his Ask Pat daily podcast - I've wanted to do a daily podcast. In fact, I did start one where I diligently recorded 50 episodes before I ran out of steam because I ran out of ideas. Oh dear.

I felt backed into a corner and I told God I was just going to put Kingdom Switch on hold for a while... Which I did.

But what then happens... as I'm reading - anything - trying to sleep, watching a video, I'm getting waves of inspiration for podcast episodes. 

If these were more relevant to The Influential Woman, I would have been stirred, but they weren't. 

I'd quash the idea because I'm putting the podcast on hold right. And I'd get waves of inspiration again. Quash the idea but these waves of inspiration just wouldn't leave me alone. 

And then I got it, I'll do a daily devotional.

I mentioned it to my daughter and she was excited for me and suggested I watch a couple on YouTube who record daily devotionals.

Like my daughter, I was excited. But then I lost my fire. Not for doing the daily devotionals, but to focus on just reading other people's devotionals from either Word for Today or the Bible App for example.

And honestly, by now, I'm feeling like I'm being disobedient and asking God, "what's a woman to do!" 😂

Then it hit me... Saturday evening, March 18 as I scanned the pages of Anointed for Business I saw the underlined sentence that stirred my heart all those years ago...

If you have been anointed for business, your job is your pulpit and the marketplace your parish

Right there, I felt as though I'd developed new wings. I also realised why I was struggling to get started with my daily devotionals. God was telling me to focus more on transformation in the marketplace and these devotionals were generally bringing it back to the individual focus. Oh brother! 

So I put the podcast on hold again!

All the while apologising to God and telling Him, "it's just not gelling." 

And up until yesterday morning (July 14, 2023), I got in the shower and I said to God, "still don't know what to do with Kingdom Switch. So you know what? I'm just going to leave it alone for now. And I'm just going to get on with the Influential Woman podcast."

I came into my office, to find something in a Myles Munroe book, and Rediscovering the Kingdom. Inside one of the pages I found half of a torn Christmas card and written on the back was "The switch: everything you want is in his kingdom. The switch: Access heaven's best. The switch: accessing kingdom benefits. The switch Manifesting from God's kingdom. And right at the bottom of the card it just said, "Kingdom Switch."

In that moment I realised this was my original Idea for Kingdom Switch. I  I don't even know how this torn of Christmas card ended up inside the book, but I started going through different elements of it then I picked up my bible and found all the scriptures pertaining to the Kingdom of God and it was just like Information, information and revelation.

It was just all coming at me and I'm like, "God, what am I going to do with this?" Because I can't write it down fast enough and in my head, I want to write it down and park it. But if I park it, I'm going to forget it again. So I thought, right, okay, let me just go update my page on my website and also my podcast description to reflect what I'd be talking about.

I felt this real, gotta do this and so this is the reason I am back!

And like I said, it's been a hot minute since my last recorded episode, but I relieve that sometimes we need a break so that we can allow God to direct us.

I really believe that particularly since 2020, God wants to get this message out to his children so that we live in the kingdom of God system and we're not always trying to fight to get this broken world system working for us... because it's broken!

It's cancerous!

It's never going to be right because there are too many people who have their own agenda, whereas Jesus Christ was the ultimate agenda for us and everything that he did on that cross was good. And this is what He wants us to tap into.

And it's not so individually we can have the best, but that we take what God has given us - our gifts, talents, knowledge etc - and use them to ensure collectively we know how to live in the world and yet access what we need from His Kingdom, through Jesus Christ. And let's not forget to spread the Good News of the Gospel to those who don't yet know about it.

That's all for today.

Ciao for now,


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