February 11, 2021

TIW 019: This Is How You Do Networking Marketing – with Vanessa Otto

February 11, 2021

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In this week's episode of The Influential Woman Podcast, I interview Vanessa Otto, who I deem to be the Queen of MLM.

I confess, if I had to successfully market and manage a network marketing company or starve, I'd probably starve. But I've been watching Vanessa run her business on Facebook and she just does things "naturally" differently.

In this episode we talk about:
  • why so many people fail at network marketing
  • why others succeed at network marketing
  • how to stay motivated even during challenging times
  • keeping your vision in focus

Vanessa Otto - Vanessa's Facebook Page
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Trish Jones

Trish Jones is an online marketing coach to content creators, coaches and course creators, specialising in funnel building strategies that get you noticed online so you build an audience of buyers and make more sales.

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