March 28, 2019

TIW 003: How To Get Back On Track When You’ve Been Derailed

March 28, 2019

What to do when you're moving along a path and you suddenly think, "this isn't what I want to do, this isn't lighting my fire. I don't believe that this is my purpose?" 

I'm sure I'm not the only one who believes these questions are easy to ask, but just so difficult to answer. You want to do a u-turn, but you're afraid there might been massive consequences. Been there too.

How Do You Course Correct Without Losing Out Financially And Sacrificing Your Health

I learnt this the hard way, and I want to share with you what I did, and what not to do, so you don't end up with the same frustrations and the major ramifications.

First of all, we all get tired of doing certain activities - whether in our jobs, or our businesses. However if we are employed and start losing interest in our jobs, the very last thing we do is just walk into work one day, pack up, and leave.

We go job hunting. We speak to other people and seek their advice, and once we find a new job, we hand in our notice and then work our notice - unless you're fortunate enough to get garden leave - and then we move to the new job.

Oh, but when you have a business, it's easy, but not so easy. 

And the dumbest thing I every did was just say "enough!" I then focused ALL my attention on what I wanted to do, but I stupidly cut off my financial sources. It wasn't pretty I can tell you. 

But the truth is, I started waking up in the mornings wishing it was nighttime again and I could just go back to sleep. Ever had those feelings?

I didn't want to deal with the tech, I didn't want to update my site - something I can do with my eyes closed - and some days, I certainly didn't want to speak to clients. Not about tech stuff anyway.

So one day, I just decided it was time to do a u-turn - something that was legitimately well overdue - and I started saying "no" to any tech work.

But as I stated earlier, this is the worse way to do a u-turn. Here's a much better way ...

Start doing that thing you really want to do. Do less of the old thing as it were, and once you've built up enough revenue in the new thing, you can stop doing the other.

It's like building your business part-time, whilst working a full-time job. You wouldn't give up the full-time job until you're able to supplement a full-time income.

In this podcast I also talk about how you can:

  • Know the difference between a project and your assignment
  • Tell you're focusing on the wrong aspect of your story
  • Move forward without guilt of messing up in the past

I hope you enjoy the podcast, but more importantly, I hope you find the courage to â€œGo confidently in the direction of your dreams" ~Henry David Thoreau.

Until next time,


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