January 18, 2024

Everyone Needs A Cultivator

January 18, 2024

Whitney Houston had the gift, she had the potential, but did she have “the” purpose?

What Was Whitney Houston’s gift?

It was her voice and more specifically, her singing voice that she used to inspire others.

What about her potential?

Whitney had the potential to inspire, touch and communicate with people through song, and her presence alone could inspire any audience. She had the potential to change lives through her story, to encourage an “I can do” attitude in our youth and others.

But The Question Is, Did She?

Whitney found fame and fortune and she did use her potential to a degree but in my view however, I don't believe Whitney ever found her real purpose in life.


Again, this is my view, but...

Whitney Houston was cultivated by the wrong mentors!

I know this sounds like a strong and controversial statement, but hear me out…

Whitney started out singing in Church. Now, I’m not going to say that’s where she should have stayed, I pity those who fail to see beyond the Church walls.

However, whilst in church, she would have been sining because she enjoyed it and /or she was inspiring others.

The big focus of many artists and celebrities however is to have number one hits, record breaking music sales and of course, the money and fame that goes along with it all.

And this push more often than not comes from their agents even more so than the artists themselves.

What’s wrong with wanting fame, fortune and money, you might ask.

It’s called being “Self Absorbed.”

The focus is all about “me” and what “I” want and what “I” need. My Pastor calls it “the trinity of me, myself and I.”

The Difference Between Artists & Motivators

Let’s say that things were different in the music industry and people like Whitney Houston were more like the Seth Godin’s or David Meerman Scott’s of this world?

They write a best selling book, aim for record breaking sales and best seller status, but the difference is that they give more than the few minutes of “Thank You” speeches to their audience, thrice per year. 

Their interviews are not all about “My Life,” it’s about “Your Life.”

The articles they write and the content they produce is not just about what and how they have achieved, but what and how you CAN achieve. 

They’ve been cultivated to help and inspire others rather than just to help and keep themselves inspired.

Boy do I know this post is probably going to fan a flame.

But how often do you see a genuine motivational speaker or life coach end up on drugs or with a alcohol problem?

How often do you see them get caught up in sex scandals?

I’m not saying it never happens, but I am saying that it’s rare.

And it’s rare because they have chosen to take responsibility for their own lives as well as give more thought to the lives of those they want to inspire.

It's All About Perspective

This isn’t an attack on Whitney Houston, because I probably cried more than most when she passed away.

However, without the right cultivators and mentors to help you find your purpose, like Whitney Houston, there is always going to be that void that no amount of celebrity status with its money, fame and fortune is ever going to fill.

And as is clear from Whitney Houston’s unfortunate life story, this just isn’t and will never be enough, because none of these things will ever fill the void that only a life with meaning and purpose can ever fill.

King Solomon in the Bible gave perspective to purpose when he said,

Where there is no purpose, there is no self-control, no moral conviction and no ethical boundaries

The Purpose of Purpose

You see, purpose isn’t about doing a good thing, it’s about doing the right thing and only your heart knows the difference. And sooner or later, no matter how well you’re doing, your heart will know whether you’re doing the good thing or the right and meaningful thing.

If you’re living a life that’s unfulfilled, it’s time for you to take stock. It’s time for you to find the right mentors, coaches and cultivators and surround yourself with them. 

And I don’t just mean people who are mega successful. I actually think that’s one of the worse propaganda on the web today… if you don’t pay big money to a mentor, you’re losing out kinda thing. I don’t buy it!

In terms of finding your purpose, you need to surround yourself with people who can see in you what you can’t see yourself. Those people who are prepared to spend time with you, digging for those pearls.

Sometimes, these people might be the ones you think of as insignificant and yet they hold the key to unlocking your success. But you have to be willing to listen and really hear what these people are saying and then evaluate what they say against what your heart genuinely desires. 

It might just be a start, but it might also just be the wisdom you needed to catapult you into a future where you don’t have to lose who you really are in order to get what you really want.

Stay alive, get connected to your purpose and LIVE!

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