October 16, 2020

Be A Content Producer – Video Creation Challenge Day #6

October 16, 2020

Being a content producers vs being a content producer. Hint, one will grow your business and you, the other won't.

This is Day #6 of my video challenge - where I challenged myself to create a video for at least 3 minutes per day for 21 days. 

I've actually created a post all about it, so feel free to go ahead and embark on this challenge for yourself. No signup is necessary, just read, implement and grow.

So in today's video I talk about why you need to be a content producer if you want to grow your business. 

I mean come on, be honest with yourself, how much time do you spend consuming social media posts daily?

Is it 30-minutes, 2 hours, 3 hours or more?

If you hold down a regular job, that's totally okay. However if you say you want to be an entrepreneur making an impact and a difference online, you've got to be different.

You've got to flip that ratio and ensure you're doing more producing than you are consuming of content on the Internet.

And in addition to this, you'll want to sift the content you're consuming so you're learning as you're growing, and a big one... implement what you've learned.

If you understand the three steps we use to help every child develop and grow, you'll understand the simplicity of growing a business online. 


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Remember to keep the dream alive,

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