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Hire Trish Jones For Coaching Or Speaking

sqTrish is a great presenter, seminar speaker, workshop leader and will move your audience into action with her stories.

Trish delivers an inspirational and highly motivational message about doing what you love and loving what you do. This is about being authentic, and this authenticity comes from speaking, being and living from your own voice.

It’s that same voice we’re born with that directs our life with purpose towards our destiny.

When we understand this truth, it brings hope into the most broken lives as they realise that no matter how bitter their past, none of their past experiences altered God’s purpose for their lives.

He remains forever faithful to His purpose for us.

Trish’s message is one she’s personally learned from her own life experiences and one she’s now committed to helping others apply to theirs.

Trish is also available for Coaching, Mentoring, Business Consulting and Keynote Speaking.

And you can contact her at:

Email:  trish[at]

When dialling outside the UK please ensure you add the international code followed before the 44, which is the country code for the UK.

If you have a microphone connected to your computer, you can use your computer to record and submit a question by clicking this link.

You can also connect with Trish via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or use the contact form below. It would be her pleasure to do business with you.