July 7, 2023

I Dare You to Chuck Spaghetti at the Wall!

July 7, 2023

When it comes to personality types, I'm the typical socialiser, or Sunshine Yellow as Insights calls it.

We're dynamic, demonstrative, enthusiastic sociable extroverts! We're natural storytellers (go figure 😂) and of course, we like to talk!

But fret not, as I tell everyone, I have enough of that Director, Fiery Red energy so people don't take liberties!

There is However a Downside...

Although Sunshine Yellow's are not the most organised of peeps, I can be too much of a perfectionist.

In conversation I'm fine, but get me "thinking" about writing and I start to overthink and analyse. It's one of the reasons I've been so lame when it comes to posting consistent content, which I know I should.

I'm not against any type of pay-per-click marketing, but I believe that as mission minded entrepreneurs who want to see people transform, we have to get our message out there and we have to get it out there often.

And this is the reason...

I'm learning to throw spaghetti at the wall!

In other words, I'll be creating content like crazy!

Some of it will stick, others will fall off, but as Jim Rohn used to say, "selling is a numbers game." 

And so is getting your message out there and making an impact. 

You may be unknown right now, but even Oprah was a nobody when she did her first gig.

As the saying goes...

"Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20"

All this will do is demotivate you and kill your creativity.

So personally, I'm refraining from analysing my thoughts and will continue to do what I'm doing right now, just write!

The recorder on my phone is my new bestie... to record my thoughts.

Take Marie's Advice

In 2005, Professional Speaking Association Acclaimed speaker, Marie Mosely, told me, "you have more thoughts in one day than most people have in a year. Get yourself a book and write them down, then give yourself permission to park them until you're ready to use them."

That was some wise advice right there.

I started it but never continued. But right now I'm armed with book and pen and creating a thoughts library.

And whilst your personality might be very different to mine, if you're struggling to "chuck spaghetti at the wall," I'm inviting you to join me in the new IW Community.

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Now come learn in a safe space and belong to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. 

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See you there!

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Trish Jones is an online marketing coach to content creators, coaches and course creators, specialising in funnel building strategies that get you noticed online so you build an audience of buyers and make more sales.

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