How To Ensure Your Story Never Defines Who You Are

This podcast episode was actually created in December 2012 for my old Christian Women’s site, Women of Influence. However, though the domain name has now been sold, this audio from the podcast was popular and so I decided to keep this episode as well as episode #1 of the old podcast, just so you know who I am, and to lay the foundation of what The Influential Woman is about.

In this episode, I share my story. 



This episode was recorded on 12/12/12, which for many was a significant day because apparently the world was supposed to end 9 days later. But here I am, updating these notes. :-)

But back then, I decided to make 12/12//12 a significant day anyway and decided I was going to be using more of my voice to create content - by way of podcasting and video blogging.

My husband often tells me, "you like the sound of your own voice," and whilst I know he doesn't say it in a malicious way, I know he means,...

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influential woman show Jan 03, 2019

Who Is The Influential Woman And How She Attains Life Fulfilment

Welcome to the first episode of The Influential Woman Podcast.

This is the podcast about women, for women, empowering and equipping you to take your position of influence. It doesn't matter if you're a stay at home mum, business woman, ministry leader, married or single, we all have a God-given purpose to take our place of influence in life an business.  



Just a side-note, this podcast episode along with episode #2 was originally created in December 2012 for my old Christian Women’s site, Women of Influence. I've since sold this domain name.

The format of this new Influential Woman podcast has changed, but the information was too good to ditch!

It will also give you some context as to who I am, where I’m coming from, and what I stand for.


In this episode, I talk about who The Influential Woman is, and why I believe it's time for women to rise up. But I also make it very clear...

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influential woman show Jan 02, 2019

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