Finding Your Voice So You Maximise Your Potential

Or Should I Say, "How To Wake Up Your Voice!"

Hey there, it's Trish Jones.

If you've ever felt as though you're not showing up in your business or life in general as the real you, or you feel disconnected from your purpose, you've come to the right place!

And just so you know, if you feel like this or have ever felt like this, you're not alone. Every woman, creator, speaker, coach and writer I know have struggled at some stage with feeling as though the life and business they've created doesn't truly reflect who they are, and that includes me.

But it's great that you're ready to discover how you can show up, and show up as you, ready to bring more you, your voice and your message to the marketplace!

What It Means Wake Up (or Find) Your Voice ...

For most of our lives, many of us have learnt to act to get a reaction ...

We play the game of dressing, speaking and acting in a certain way depending on who we're talking to, and the environment we're in.

As a result, few of us grow up to...

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#wakeupyourvoice Aug 05, 2018

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