Discover What The Female Entrepreneur Revolution Is Really All about

I’ve no doubt you’ve read about it – probably somewhere on social media – that women are about to rule the world.

We now have a female Prime Minister in the UK and if Hillary Clinton had won the US presidential election, I’m sure many women would have thought, “this is our time.”

But it's not about who is in power. It really is our time! Let me explain ...

You see, when most people talk about women ruling the world or the rise in the number of female entrepreneurs, often they’re referring to super powers, where women have suddenly taken on roles and positions originally only filled by men.

To me, that kind of power is sub-par to the kind of power I’m referring to when I talk about The Female Entrepreneur Revolution.

I’m talking about women rising up, waking up to their dreams, waking up to their voice and being a voice, and building their life and business around the things they love to talk about, do or teach - i.e....

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#theinfluentialwoman Aug 07, 2018

Just Start! The Time Will Never Be Perfect

So, you wish to start your own business, but feel unable to because of a lack of resources. 

Here is a vital first step to grasp, which will seem counter-intuitive at first ... There is a powerful relationship between our movement toward our dreams, and the resources we need becoming available to us. 

And a common mistake in moving toward our dreams is to not move at all.  We wait until we have the necessary resources in hand before we start moving forward. However ...

When we procrastinate, we usually find we never start. 

The bible has many such stories, where over and over God sent people out with what seemed like little, or inadequate resources. Yet, when they got to where He wanted them to be, the resources needed to get the job done were in place waiting for them. 

Vision doesn't follow resources, it happens the other way around. First we have a dream, then we have to move forward. Only then, do the people and resources follow.

Its then that the...

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#theinfluentialwoman Aug 07, 2018

Think Like A Messenger Not A Marketer

IF, and of course, that's a big IF, you were a preacher, you'd have to preach, teach, speak - or whatever you'd prefer to call it - two or three times per week. You might preach the same message at both meetings on a Sunday if you have two Sunday services, but your congregation would expect you to deliver something new to them every week.

It's What Good Preachers Do ...

A good preacher, a called preacher, a caring preacher is hungry to give you a message that's going to edify, uplift, encourage, support and strengthen you?

Well, as a messenger, your audience may not be inside the four walls of a church, but if you say you have a burning desire to get your message out, how is it that so many women just go "ughhhh," when it comes to marketing their message?

I know what the answer is, but I want you to pause and consider that for a moment.

You see, most people equate marketing with fancy headlines, magnetic words, clever spins etc and so they get put off by the term "marketing"...

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#theinfluentialwoman Aug 05, 2018

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