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Trish has helped coaches, consultants, course creators, authors, speakers and small business owners build their online platform so they get their message seen and heard. She'd love to help you turn your message into a bankable asset too.

"Being coached within a group is great and I love the richness others bring to a group, but I've worked with Trish for a number of years and love how she helps me get unstuck so I can move onto the next step" ~ Gavin Ingham

Building Your 21st Century Messaging Platform...

Make an impact by taking your message to masses, all whilst getting paid as you make a difference. 

My only mission is to help you create an impactful business that will generate income,  bring you fulfilment and change lives.

Trish Jones


Trish will not only help you with the online business processes, she's all about ensuring you project your own voice, values and identity into your business. This means cultivating your gifts, helping you stay focused on your purpose and utilising the tools and marketing processes that's right for you.

Here's How We Can Help You


It’s time to stop course, coach and book hopping trying to get results. The F.L.O.W. Business Coaching Model will help you infuse your business with your voice, make maximum use of your gift and build a business that is a reflection of you.


We'll show you how to do market research so you gain insight into your audience and attract the right people into your business, even if you're new to the online business world, starting with no list and no one knows your name. 


We’ll show you how to create an offer that makes an impact and makes you stand out in your industry. We can also help you fix an existing offer.


Your growth comes from your contribution to the world and as an influential woman, business is about transforming lives and instilling positive change. We work with you to create a message from your story that will resonate with your audience and enable you to both sell and serve.


We'll help you create a high converting, scalable sales funnel using our funnel building blueprint that will not only build your credibility but will win you more clients.  


We want to help you scale your business by making sure your message reaches your intended audience. We do so by helping you create a messaging ecosystem that gets your message noticed and guides your customers to their desired result. And you can do this without you having to compromise who you are.

Our Application Process

1. Schedule a Call

Click the button below to apply and choose a time for your call. Once booked, you'll get instant access to a video that shows you everything included in the coaching so you are prepared prior to the call.

2. Complete the Online Questionnaire

Tell us about you and your business. It takes two minutes and will help us make sure we are a good fit to work together. We do not take money from people we can't help, and we only work with people we can help and whom we feel are a good fit.

3. The Call

During the call, we'll ask questions about your business and answer any questions you may have about working with us. We will make SURE we can help before even offering our services.

4. Onboarding and Creating Your MAP

If we decide to work together, once you've paid the fee you'll be onboarded immediately. We'll then design a custom plan just for you so you can hit the ground running.