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"It's Time to Rise From Insignificance to Influence ..."

"... And You may only be ONE woman, but you can influence your world"

Welcome to The Influential Woman. Our mission is to empower and equip entrepreneurial, mission minded women who are ready to discover their calling and make an impact doing what they were created to do ... making a difference in the lives of others.

You were chosen for a purpose and I'm honoured to be your champion and to help you gain confidence where fear once dominated and access your creativity so you can be all God designed you to be ... Awesome and Whole, Body, Soul and Spirit. 

I'm Trish Jones

Founder of The Influential Woman. When I started this journey back in 2006, I never imagined the places God would take me and the lengths He'd go to ensure I overcame my fears, heal from old wounds and make my dream a reality.

I've made plenty of mistakes, learnt a lot of things I wish my younger self knew, but it's my joy to be able to pour into you, so you don't have to spend years sabotaging your success because you feel like you're not enough ... not good enough, not worthy enough, not clever enough. I'll show you how to mine your pearls so you start living your best life ... from the inside out.

Inspire and BE Inspired to Maximise Your Potential

"To maximise your potential, you have to put a demand on your gift."

Recently, my mentor said something his mentor said to him and it inspired me to take action on something I was stalling on, and now I want to share it with you ...

"when you do something for the first time, you'll suck at it, but the more you do it, you'll suck less." 

For most of us, we stall at doing what we know we should be doing because we don't feel ready, or we feel inadequate. But no baby ever came out of the womb walking and talking. They learn as they get stronger, and by trial and error, until no one even notices how they walk.

This is true for you too. As my old Pastor would say, "repetition is the law of lasting impression." You've got to start and when you start, you just don't stop.

But ... Did You Know ...

That Is Just A Part of The Story ...

Learning more and doing more is not the root cause of why most women are not successful.

And in my experience of coaching women for over 20 years, it's not mindset either.

Are you ready for a revelation? Okay, here it goes ...

The main reason most women never succeed is because they have wounds so deep from events of their past, that they are stuck.

But the problem is, no one is telling you this. The general consensus is that if you're not succeeding, you're not doing enough. Sadly, I've witnessed some of these same women teaching "do more," almost kill themselves from overworking, only to discover after a near death experience, that they have unhealed wounds that manifested through overworking.


Why The Influential Woman Is Different ...

The Influential Woman's foundation is about wholeness and helping you find your voice, inner healing and maximising your potential.

We get to the root of what's keeping you stuck.

When fear of being yourself is gone and you're free from trapped trauma, nothing is impossible.

We show you how to do more with less in your business by focusing on the 20% that will give you 80% of your results. We teach you to become specialists, not generalists, by focusing on your motivational gift ... the gift that directs the natural flow of your life. 

For YEARS I was told I was thick (stupid) because I couldn't do (and still can't do), math. Despite going on to earn an MBA, it took a transformational leadership course at my church to finally make me realise it was okay for me to be okay with not being good at math, and to ditch it.

I came home from the leadership course the evening I received that revelation, went into my office and picked up every math book I had purchased in an attempt to try and improve my math, I handed them to my maths whizz of a husband and said, "here, you can do what you want with these, but I no longer need them." It felt so good! 🙂

And trying to be good at something you're not good at is also a stumbling block to so many people's success. So let me encourage you to be like I was ... be okay with not being good at something, and focus on the things you are good at. This is what separates leaders from followers ... they are aware of their strengths, but they don't have to deny their weaknesses.

My Invitation To You ...

I want to invite you to invest in your development. Start by checking out The Influential Woman Programs below. I encourage you to let go of the things that no longer serve you, and serve with the gifts you've been graced with.

Every blessings,



"Trish has been an incredible mentor, coach and guide not only on a personal level but a business level as well. She's the kind of woman that not only shares hope, encouragement and sound business advice, she lives it!"

Kristine Gunn
Life Coach, Consultant, Speaker


... And inspire the world with your gift ... they're waiting for you to shine.


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